Free Software

The following software has been developed by Tom Wade, and is available for use under certain conditions .

Name Router is a centralized e-mail routing facility, that can accept mail addressed to and route it to the correct actual e-mail address. It is used in conjunction with a mailer such as PMDF or MX.

Pmdf Statistics is a program that analyzes the MAIL.LOG files produced by PMDF, and generates statistics reports.

Menu Master allows you to design SMG style menu interfaces without the need to write code. Menu Master can then activate your application directly via a number of methods.

VMSARG is a program to provide DCL-like command parameters to a C program written to use Unix style commands.

Superlock is a program to provide lock manager style $ENQ/$DEQ functionality to DCL command procedures.

RALF is a utility that allows a suitably privileged user to open and read files that have been opened already, and locked by another user.

LockEdit is a program to call EDT or TPU while preventing other users from accessing the file at the same time.

Doorbell consists of a set of routines that allow client processes to wake up a server to deal with files to be processed.

Each kit consists of a ZIP archive containing one or more VMSINSTAL savesets. Copies of UNZIP.EXE (for VAX and Alpha) are also available for downloading.

All code is provided as is, and no warrenty is expressed or implied. The code's author is Tom Wade, and any comments should be addressed directly to Tom dot Wade at tomwade dot eu.

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